Cuddle Break (NaPoWriMo Day 23)

If you’ve ever been interrupted by a beloved pet, you know what I mean.

Lip bitten raw,
pencil chewed
to dust

I sink into a
heavy sigh

waiting for some
brilliant lines

grace the expanse
of the empty page

But then –
your rolling cry

your tiny head butting
into my thigh

Alright, it
can wait

Let’s take a
cuddle break


Copyright © 2015 Amaryllis Torres


Antarctica (NaPoWriMo Day 22)

Hello, and Happy Earth Day!

Today’s prompt celebrates the occasion by suggesting a pastoral poem. Basically, write about nature. I just so happened to have watched an amazing documentary yesterday, Antarctica: A Year On Ice, and I literally cried from the beauty of the brilliant night sky. I was also inspired by one woman’s story who described when she saw the Southern Lights for the first time. Enjoy.


Six month winter chill
cuts to the bone
layers and layers
of defenses
as the dark cold
ravages the flesh,

while the sun dares
not interfere from
his hiding place beyond
the horizon

One solace:

Fairy dust sprinkled
’round, green as
forgotten spring

dancing down from
spinning, unblemished
night-curtain above

to sweep me to
worlds beyond or
heaven’s gate
(perhaps one and
the same)

It is only afterward that I
feel the hard crunch of ice at
my knees

and the frozen tears
dangling from
my cheek

Copyright © 2015 Amaryllis Torres

Erasure (NaPoWriMo Day 21)

The prompt for today is to create an erasure, which takes an already written text and blocks out words. I picked up the closest book on my bookshelf, The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews, and flipped to a random page. This activity was fun and a welcome change from what I normally do. Below are my results as well as the original unedited version.





Pried (NaPoWriMo Day 20)

And in the morning when
the sun pries my
eyelids open

for a peek inside
my memories drenched
in dream-riddled haze

you are this:

your girth – my
steady, solid ground;

your arms around me –
painted street signs that
point the way;

your cheek pressed
to my cheek –
the map that
guides me

Copyright © 2015 Amaryllis Torres

Though I Go Blinking (NaPoWriMo Day 17)



In the inky black darkness,
no texture or billows to hint
at change

A pin drop of light
and the dark bends and twists
around it to
avoid the burn of that
single speck

As it grows in time with the
warning hiss and
of a fast
approaching train,

its beam sweeping
in search of
me (I dread,
I hope)

the war within
myself begins –

Retreat back into the
Do not get scorched
by the alien brilliance
or reach one hand, one
tip of a finger, one
dare-not-hope gesture
of desperation



A half-thought:

A whisper:

And it seems
the choice has already
been made

The screams of retreating
darkness are dull
next to the sounds of
Light –

and Rescue
mingling, dancing
along the rhythms
of a long forgotten

And though I go blinking –
temporarily blinded –
into its embrace

one day I
will see again

in the Light


Copyright © 2015 Amaryllis Torres