Antarctica (NaPoWriMo Day 22)

Hello, and Happy Earth Day!

Today’s prompt celebrates the occasion by suggesting a pastoral poem. Basically, write about nature. I just so happened to have watched an amazing documentary yesterday, Antarctica: A Year On Ice, and I literally cried from the beauty of the brilliant night sky. I was also inspired by one woman’s story who described when she saw the Southern Lights for the first time. Enjoy.


Six month winter chill
cuts to the bone
layers and layers
of defenses
as the dark cold
ravages the flesh,

while the sun dares
not interfere from
his hiding place beyond
the horizon

One solace:

Fairy dust sprinkled
’round, green as
forgotten spring

dancing down from
spinning, unblemished
night-curtain above

to sweep me to
worlds beyond or
heaven’s gate
(perhaps one and
the same)

It is only afterward that I
feel the hard crunch of ice at
my knees

and the frozen tears
dangling from
my cheek

Copyright © 2015 Amaryllis Torres


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