Though I Go Blinking (NaPoWriMo Day 17)



In the inky black darkness,
no texture or billows to hint
at change

A pin drop of light
and the dark bends and twists
around it to
avoid the burn of that
single speck

As it grows in time with the
warning hiss and
of a fast
approaching train,

its beam sweeping
in search of
me (I dread,
I hope)

the war within
myself begins –

Retreat back into the
Do not get scorched
by the alien brilliance
or reach one hand, one
tip of a finger, one
dare-not-hope gesture
of desperation



A half-thought:

A whisper:

And it seems
the choice has already
been made

The screams of retreating
darkness are dull
next to the sounds of
Light –

and Rescue
mingling, dancing
along the rhythms
of a long forgotten

And though I go blinking –
temporarily blinded –
into its embrace

one day I
will see again

in the Light


Copyright © 2015 Amaryllis Torres


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