Rain Lily Wild (NaPoWriMo Day 6)

Rain Lily Wild

My lover is the Goodest-Good.

lays at my feet a field of
swaying Rain

where others would pluck
a single stem from the
roots and leave a clumping mess
of dirt behind.

When days go by the lily
fades to shrinking brown,
shoulders hunched with sadness
at the memory of

its family – far away;
its home – soft, endless earth;
its friends – the sun and sky and rain.

Its last days are subject to
mere counterfeit –

the weak dribble-wet through a
metal spout;

sunlight filtered through a
barrier of glass

(through which wind cannot embrace
and sound is muted to a low,
sad hum).

Not so with my lover.

He is wild as the
aching heart of the
Rain Lily.

He drinks the sun
and hugs the earth
and whispers sweetly to
each drop
that falls from

and in our field of lilies
our roots are



Copyright © 2015 by Amaryllis Torres


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