We Were Close Once (NaPoWriMo Day 5)


We were close once

the way wind and breath
mingle in white
smoky puff

and race off to
God-knows-where –

and you get the
feeling they laugh at
it all,

roughing up leaves and
pinching cheeks
(which turn a
stinging red)
as they go.

We were close once

the way sun sinks
into stone for
a long visit

neither in a hurry,
wrapped in
lingering conversation

stars peek out to
test the night
and crickets sing
to woo the cool, damp
evening on.

We were close

and I

let you fade into
retreating mist

while my
bones grew brittle,

though the time that’s
passed has not
seen many tours
’round the sun.

When I sit at
end of day
clothed in deep
black night

I remember the feel of

beating within heart

and my wail is silent.
I do not add to the
cricket songs.

I dare not press my palm
into the cooling stones

because I


We were close once.


Copyright © 2015 by Amaryllis Torres


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