Ear Drum Burst (NaPoWriMo Day 3)


Ear Drum Burst

There is too much
noise here;

my world is
littered with it

Seeing all
I see nothing

Hearing all
I hear in vain

My ears stretch and strain,
my eyes bulge like
balloons at the helium tank of
a child’s birthday party, hoping

to find something of value,
some semblance of gold in this
pawn shop riddled with
cracked, cheap costume jewelry

which lies entwined ’round the
long necks of socialites
who laugh and clink their
two dollar wine glasses filled
with six dollar wine
poured straight from
the box

Their houses sag –
cardboard drenched in rain

“See how rich we are!” they say
and pat themselves on the back
for “making it.”

All is noise

I welcome my ear drum burst as

When the hot ringing lifts –


And in silence, at last –

I hear


Copyright © 2015 by Amaryllis Torres


4 responses to “Ear Drum Burst (NaPoWriMo Day 3)

  1. WOW, this is great Amaryllis–‘specially like the use of “pawn shop” and the description of the socialites and their boxed wine. Makes me think of the movie, “Monster-in-Law”–do you know that one?


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