Wind-Ash (NaPoWriMo Day 2)


Tick tock
Watch the clock

Learn the pattern
quicker, faster,
perfect rhythm’s
what you’re after

Oh! There!
One stray hair!

Tuck it in smooth
don’t miss your cue
Blend and smile, dear;
no one saw you

High kick
Make it stick

Hinges oiled
Tightly coiled
Crushing lungs, breath-
less turmoil

Loose spring –
Gear falls free!

Avalanche! The
broken parts of
“He said, she said” –
never wanted

Tick tock
Useless clock

Shattered pattern


Free to Spin or Laugh or
cry? – No! Run! ing

’til I breathe Fire!
Can shoot it out my nose!


the tick and tock and
turns and gears and
springs and clock and
silent fears


crumble to
burnt crisps of


Copyright © 2015 by Amaryllis Torres


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