Echo of a Naked Soul


Letting go of words
that were never mine –
words that pass from
mouth to mouth,
chewed to blandness ’til
all meaning is lost

I find you in the simple,
in what is mine

You are the secret meetings
beneath an ebony sky
dotted with stars

You are the strength of the trees
and the kiss in the wind

You are the silly jokes
and deep belly laughs

You are the in between
of dreaming and awake

You are the silence;
the utter stillness where
truth resounds in an
endless echo

You are the heartbeat,
and the blood,
and the veins

You are the heavy falling tears,
whether from unspeakable bliss
or broken gratitude
I am never sure

You are the whispers
gliding over my skin –
of love and longing
and redemption

You are the gentle caress
of my naked soul,
the hovering
tingling breath

You are the pinnacle where
my empty is your full
and I fade and bloom in
an instant;
we mingle and bleed
like a river bursting
through a dam

You are more than I
can capture in words
but for now
you are simply


Copyright © 2015 by Amaryllis Torres · All Rights Reserved ·


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